What the Foxtons? A comedy game show to find the UK’s best estate agent. 


In times of crisis the truest heroes emerge. And in times of Housing Crisis, Estate Agents might not be the heroes that London needs but are the heroes that London deserves. Y’know. From Batman. Or as we in the industry like to call it “A spacious cave, with exposed rock work and approximately 750 winged roommates. But it’s ok. They work nights”.


Welcome to What the Foxtons? We’re searching for Britain’s Greatest Estate Agent to, once and for all, truly solve the housing crisis. We’re going to have quizzes, competitions and quite possibly an actual fight.


We were going to call this the Estate Agent Olympics but … and this is true … the International Olympic Committee is *very* protective about their name and brand. Swooping into an area, fundamentally changing the landscape and then leaving a trail of gentrification in your wake shouldn’t just be every 4 years.


The show starts 8pm. Friday 19 May. The Trunk, Artworks Elephant. £5.