This month, The Artworks Elephant have partnered with local housing association Peabody, on an amazing new youth development programme called ‘Start it up!’. Start it up is a series of industry talks, workshops and community based programmes designed to give young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to develop an idea into a business venture.

Youth development coordinator, Harry Clucas, discussed the programme’s impact on the local community and why it is a good opportunity for young entrepreneurs : ‘It’s great working with young people – this is it’s 4th year running! In the first three years, we started in Hackney with a company called Boot Strap, and this is a progression of that idea. We saw a rise in demand for  this programme in Southwark and Lambeth so we thought: let’s put it on here. It gets better every year!’.

Latoyah Age: 25 Business Plan: Online fashion brand

Harry goes on to talk about what the course can offer young business-minded people in the future. ‘Our aim is to get young people to start up their own businesses. This programme gives them an opportunity to get out there and start the career they want. We also encourage networking skills; we want them to network with as many other people as they can so they can get the best chance once they start up their business.’

Start it up! also aims to help people whose businesses don’t quite work out – Harry says ‘we offer a wide variety of apprenticeships to get them into employment after the course as well’.

We spoke to a number of young people currently on this programme to find out what they have learnt in the first two weeks!