Soft Drink Suppliers - Ugly Water based at The Artworks, London SE17

In Unit 34, The Artworks in Elephant and Castle is 100% natural, fruit infused spring water soft drink suppliers Ugly Drinks. Tel: 020 3143 3948 to rent a unit.

Soft drink suppliers Ugly water supply  100% natural, fruit infused spring waters

Ugly Drinks - Soft Drink Suppliers : Unit 34

Soft drink suppliers Ugly Drinks is a range of 100% natural, fruit infused spring waters. It’s unsweet and has nothing to hide. That’s right, it’s just good old fashioned water infused with the aromas, extracts and essences of different fruits. Nothing else. Ugly comes in four flavours: Lemon and Ginger, Cucumber and Mint, Raspberry and Lime, and Blackberry.

'Ugly isn’t dressed up to look sweet, pretty and innocent. We’ve created an entirely UNSWEET naturally infused water range that tastes great and has nothing to hide. Refreshingly, it’s just spring water with a splash of delicious flavour.

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