Unit 9B: Soda Visual

In Unit 17a at The Artworks in London are commercial photographers and filmmakers Soda Photography. Tel: 020 3143 3948 to find out how to rent a unit

Soda Visual : Unit 9B

Soda Photography - photographers and filmmakers

Our founders, Paul Bence and Romain Kedochim, are old friends. They share a passion that sits at the heart of our business: combining technology and creativity to create stylish photography and unique, narrative-led films.

Having powerful, engaging content is a must in today’s ‘always on’ world. Consumers demand it. As a result, the worlds of photography and film have collided. We have embraced this amalgamation and adopt a friendly, collaborative approach where everyone involved has fun. We find this, combined with meticulous project management, is the secret to crafting spectacular campaigns.

Being technically-minded individuals that are not afraid to give their creativity free rein, Paul and Romain are well-placed to deliver the bespoke visual media solution you require.

For more info:
Website: www.soda-visual.com/
Twitter: @sodavisual
Facebook: SodaVisual
Instagram: SodaVisualUk

  • PAUL: +447949212037
  • ROMAIN: +447894450451
  • EMAIL: info@soda-visual.com