Unit 17B: NorthOne Management

Unit 17B: NorthOne Management

Finally having found their home in Unit 17B this actors agency often has some 'familiar' faces!

NorthOne Management was founded as an actors agency in 1986. Since then its founding members have moved on, but bequeathed a wealth of accumulated experience, which the current members enjoy. 

It is only by the collective co-operation of the members that NorthOne flourishes, whether as an actor or an agent. This pre-requisite of co-operation and involvement, we believe, also makes the actor a more professionally aware member of the industry. 

NorthOne is an active member of the Co-operative Personal Management Association (CPMA), who have been acknowledged by Equity and Casting Directors as helping to improve standards and professionalism within this sector of the industry.

For more info:
Website: www.northone.co.uk
Twitter: @N1Management