Unit 17B: BON Culture

Unit 17B: BON Culture 

BON Culture provide insightful collaborative guidance to arts and cultural organisations to secure and improve their artistic and commercial futures.

BON Culture supports the sector to perform more effectively by:

Working collaboratively

Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally – partnerships and collaborations at all levels can have a huge effect on an organisation’s audience reach, place within the cultural ecology, and bottom line. We work with organisations to develop partnerships, manage them, lead them, innovate and energise.

Sharing best practice and gaining new insight

Whether it’s attending conferences and training, networking with colleagues, or reading research and resources, building and sharing knowledge enables the sector to strengthen and develop in the long term. We programme conferences and events, commission and create new research and tools, and develop new initiatives to share with arts and culture professionals at all stages of their careers.

Promoting equality and diversity in the workforce

Growing the pool of arts and culture professionals is key to strengthening the sector, so BON Culture works to identify barriers then facilitate programmes to support excluded groups. Strategy development within sector-leading organisations is a cornerstone of this activity, as well as cross-sector work on equality.

For more info:
Website: www.bonculture.co.uk
Twitter: @bon_culture