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WORKSHOP: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are inevitable and are needed for our survival but when the feelings of stress and anxiety are beyond small daily limits, this is when it affects our health and our relationships. Stress has been called by the World Health Organisation as ‘the next big epidemic’.   Before we know it and without tools to combat stress and anxiety we can be spiralling into ill health.

How stressed are you? Ask yourself these questions and see if the answers surprise you.

Are you “on” all the time? Are you tired on a regular basis? Do you feel like your head is spinning just getting things done? Or that you just don’t have enough time, or space, to eat the way you want to, exercise the way you know you should, or take the time out to fully relax?

This way of living has become the new normal. From the expectations of our jobs, to the constant addictive call of our smartphones, to the rabbit hole that is social media, we are all affected.

Chronic stress leads to hormonal imbalances like elevated cortisol and secondarily, estrogen-dominance, causing us to gain weight, have bad skin, have trouble sleeping, and for women, too often have irregular painful periods. We feel exhausted and crowded by our lives leading to anxiety and depression.

What can we do about it??

During our work with individual clients and with groups we have discovered that the number one concern is stress and anxiety in their lives, from the workplace to their own personal lives.  Stress can affect every part of your daily life. 

Together we have devised a course to enable you to have tools to help with the day to day stress and anxiety you encounter before it gets habitual and starts to affect your mental and physical health.

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